LEGO's Mario Figurine Is the Only NES Controller That I Care About

Lego Super Mario construction sets allow you create your own real world levels, with complex terrain, coins, enemies, and a smart Mario figure. Now a hacker named Rick (@ r1ckp) uses the LEGO Mario minifigure as super mario bros controller by translating the movements of the toy into actions on the screen.

Unlike your typical LEGO minifig, the LEGO Mario toy is packed with screens, speakers, a gyroscope, a color identification camera, and a Bluetooth transmitter. The toy can tell a bluetooth receiver when it jumps, leans forward, or stands over a colorful LEGO block, which is how Rick manages to use it as a Mario Brothers controller.

Of course, you can’t just connect your LEGO Mario to a game console and use it as a controller. Rick uses special code to turn LEGO Mario’s movements into real-time controls, plus a few extra LEGO blocks to help Mario pull and drop pipes. As Rick shows in the video above, Mario shines a light out of his butt to identify bricks, so you can hover Mario over a red brick to trigger the B button in an NES emulator.

The LEGO Mario controller is a bit slow, but it takes “pretend play” to a whole new level. We hope to see more LEGO Mario innovations as LEGO introduces add-ons for the Super Mario play set including new outfits and enemies.

Source: @ r1ckp via Gizmodo

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