Make Judy the Elf's Hot Cocoa From 'The Santa Clause' With Help From YouTube

Tim Allen and Paige Tamada in 'The Santa Clause'

Remember Santa? This now timeless classic features a scene with an elf named Judy and her amazing hot chocolate. This Christmas, why not see again Santa on Disney + and do you make some fantastic cocoa to go with it? Andrew Rea from Babish culinary universe The YouTube series will walk you through.

If you haven’t seen the Babish culinary universe series on YouTube, it’s worth a look. No matter what your level of culinary skill, “Babish” can show you something new. It evolves between several types of series. Basics with Babish will teach you well… the basics. It can be simple recipes like preparing Pizza dough, mashed potatoes, or a pot of pasta.

But Binging with Babish takes a fun twist on the “how to cook that” concept. Each episode shows a brief clip from a movie or TV series. The scene always features food and Babish shows you how to prepare it. It will usually go through several different versions, from “easy” to “extravagant”. He’s covered everything ever since Monica’s sweets in friends to the nachos in The right place. I can tell you from personal experience, the nacho recipe is excellent. I have done this five times now.

In the last episode, Babish covers the hot chocolate. In Santa, Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) accidentally kills Santa Claus. His son, Charlie (Eric Lloyd), convinces him to complete the delivery of all the gifts around the world. This makes Scott the new Santa Claus due to a clause in Santa’s contract (har har). In the blink of an eye and missing the moment, an elf named Judy (Paige Tamada) brings Scott a hot cocoa recipe perfected for 1200 years.

Obviously, Babish doesn’t have that long to master the recipe, but he still has you covered. He will present you with a basic recipe, then follow it with French, Italian and Viennese inspired versions. Finally, it will top it off with such a ridiculous grip that you probably won’t be able to pull it off at home. But the first three are worth it. Watch the video, make yourself some hot chocolate and Go see Santa on Disney +. Then watch the rest of the Babish videos while you’re at it; you will learn something about the culinary arts regardless of your skill level.

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