Nest Hub Max Users Can Now Start Making Group Video Calls via Zoom

Nest Hub Max with Zoom call set on the kitchen counterGoogle

Although the Nest Hub Max could make group video calls on Google Duo or Meet since the summer, he now has updated to support the use of Zoom, as well as. A first look at the feature is starting to roll out today, so if you have a Hub Max and like Zoom, keep an eye out for the new feature.

Google has also just updated Google Wifi and Nest Wifi to automatically detect and prioritize video conferencing during Google Meet and Zoom meetings. This makes it less likely that your video call will not freeze and your internet connection will remain strong (at least on your end). Google also recommends placing your Nest Hub Max near your router during your call to ensure the best possible connection.

It can be difficult to argue with all of your loved ones and have them make a video call at the same time, so following these steps to set up a next call can make things a little easier:

Using Google Meet: Create a Google Calendar invite with the specific date and time of your next holiday video call. You can invite up to 100 people per meeting. In the invitation, click the “Add a Google Meet video conference” option, copy the meeting ID link and paste it into your invitation (or group chat or preferred messaging system).
Using the zoom: You will need to link your Zoom account to your Google account before creating an invitation. Next, you’ll set up your invitation email the same way you would a Google Meet call, but include a Zoom Meeting ID instead. Then you can send the email to all your loved ones.

If you decide to use your Nest Hub Max for a video chat on Zoom or Google Meet, all you’ll have to do right now is say “Hey Google, join my next meeting.” Zoom also currently works on Google smart screens, Echo Show and Portal.

Zoom integration begins rolling out today in the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK Google Meet calls will remain unlimited (well, up to 24 hours at least) until March 31 2021, so you and yours can chat for as long as you want.

Source: Google

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