Pair Your Sunglasses and Headphones with Bose's Latest Frames

A model wearing the Bose Tenor in mysterious dark red / blue lighting. It is very suitable. Bose

If you’re running or riding a shared path where other pedestrians (or worse, vehicles) might be, you need to hear what’s going on around you. And Bose’s latest frames do just that by pairing a pair of downstream speakers with sunglasses. They are super cool.

To be clear, this is not Bose’s first foray into the world of sunglasses with overhead speakers – in fact, the company has had a few pairs since 2018 in the Alto and Rondo frames. But for 2020 it got bigger and better with three new pairs: the sleek Tenor and Soprano, alongside the athlete Tempo.

The tenor BoseThe tenor Bose Bose

All three pairs offer more bass response and are more comfortable to wear than their predecessors – they also cost $ 50 more, for $ 250. Still, for a decent pair of sunglasses and a good “helmet,” that’s not a bad deal.

The two stylish pairs, the Tenor and the Soprano, have 16mm drivers and offer five and a half hours of battery life. They load with the same proprietary cable as the originals, so they’re a good upgrade option for anyone who owns OGs and is up for something new.

The Bose SopranoThe Bose Soprano Bose

The Tempo, on the other hand, is more sports-oriented in every way. They feature 22mm drivers for more powerful sound, 8 hours of battery life for all-day sessions, and charge via USB-C. They are also resistant to sweat, water, scratches and impact. Looks like you can beat them to death and they still won’t die. At the same price as the Alto and Rondo, these seem to be the clear winners of the peloton, assuming you don’t mind the sporty aesthetic.

The three new pairs support integration with Siri and Google Assistant, dual mic bays for phone calls, and touch controls for volume on the side. Bose says that each new frame supports a dynamic EQ that will also adjust with volume to reduce distortion at higher volumes. Separate lenses are also available as add-ons.

The Bose TempoThe Bose Tempo Bose

All three new sets (along with the two existing models) are now available from various retailers.

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