Quick Tip: Amazon Lockers Can Sometimes Get Your Shipments to You Faster

A yellow Amazon Locker system along a brick wall.

Christmas is practically here, and you waited too long to order gifts (again). Check Amazon and you’ll find item after item stating it won’t ship until after the holidays. But there might be a way to save the day. To have Amazon ships to a local locker instead of your home. It just might happen in time.

Amazon Lockers are a free service that the company offers as an alternative shipping location. You’ll find them at Whole Foods, gas stations, fitness centers and more. Instead of shipping directly to your home, Amazon drops your package into a secure locker.

When it arrives, you walk to the locker, enter the six-digit code provided by Amazon and the door will open. It is easy to use and costs nothing extra. You must select the Amazon Locker section during the shipping section of the order. Do not deliver to your home.

It’s already a handy service if you know you can’t be home on a given day, or if you don’t feel confident leaving your packages on a porch during the working day. But there’s another plus: Amazon Locker shipments often get delivered sooner than door-to-door shipments.

Indeed, it ignores a sorting step. Instead of going to a local facility for final sorting to get on a particular truck bound for your street, it goes into a mass stack directly at the Amazon locker location. We went from door-to-door delivery to locker delivery to receive a package several days earlier on several occasions.

You can usually tell when an Amazon Locker shipment will be faster; Amazon will update the shipping date. But in the end, there’s no guarantee that it will work. Still, if the article says it won’t be there until after Christmas, it’s worth trying to ship it to an Amazon Locker. In the worst case, it is late as promised. And it’s up to you to wait that long for your Christmas shopping. But you might get lucky and have a merry Christmas after all.

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