Right on Schedule, the Galaxy Note 20 Series Gets a $200 Discount on Amazon

Galaxy Note 20 UltraSamsung

Samsung’s Galaxy phones have been getting more expensive over the years. But at least one thing remains the same: You can find big discounts on all-new models soon after release. So it is with Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra, both of which are $ 200 off on Amazon today.

Three variations of the unlocked US model (Snapdragon, not Exynos) get the discount, available in a few colors each. All three are available on the same Amazon listing. Briefly:

Galaxy Note 20: $ 1,000 $ 800
Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (128GB): $ 1300 $ 1100
Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (512 GB): $ 1,450 $ 1,250

The value proposition of these phones seems pretty poor, even for devices that are beautiful, incredibly powerful with 5G radios, and packed with cameras that are almost incredibly capable. If you want the most storage capacity on the Note 20 Ultra but can’t stand that last $ 150, you can always go for a cheaper MicroSD card.

Samsung galaxy note 20

Source: Amazon via Phone Arena

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