Ring's Latest Security Devices Will Fly Around Your Home and Monitor Your Car

A Ring camera drone in and out of its dock.

At Amazon’s hardware event, the company showcased several Ring devices, including new monitoring gadgets for your car and mailbox. Oh, and a camera drone that flies around your house. Yes really.

The big flagship piece is obviously the camera drone. The Ring Always Home Cam is a small drone that lives in a hub in your home. When you leave, he will listen to the noises, and if he hears anything, he will go and investigate. You will receive a ping to your phone and you will be able to see everything it sees.

Amazon says it’s perfect for checking “if the oven has been left on, the doors are locked, or the curling iron has been left on …” although intruders are another obvious benefit.

When you use it with Ring Alarm, the drone flies on the predefined paths you set if something triggers a Ring sensor. It only records video during flights and the camera is physically blocked when docked. It also makes noise in flight, so you can hear it coming.

A Ring Car alarm device next to a telephone.

But it’s not just your home that Ring wants to help you watch. The company also announced a new automotive initiative. First off, there’s Ring Car Alarm, a $ 59.99 OBD-II port device that you plug into your car. It monitors for dents and attempted break-ins and will send you alerts if it detects a problem. You can choose to trigger a siren to scare off thieves.

Camera footage on a phone looking inside a car.

Ring Car Cam is, as the name suggests, a $ 199.99 camera for your car. Love car alarm, it monitors shock and burglary and will send alert, accompanied by video. Of course, it can work with Car Alarm. Ring Car Alarm and Car cam will both be released in 2021.

Finally, Ring Car Connect is not something you buy directly, but a set of APIs that manufacturers can use to integrate Ring into cars. Ring says it is already compatible with Tesla Models 3, X, S and Y, and can use sensors and cameras from an existing car for security.

A sensor inside a mailbox.

And if you want to know as soon as the mail arrives, Ring Mailbox can help. It connects to Alexa-enabled devices to notify you when someone opens your mailbox. The Ring Mailbox will retail for $ 29.99 and you’ll be able to pre-order it starting October 8.

Source: Ring

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