Save $150 on the Beats Solo Pro Wireless Headphones at Best Buy

A photo of the Beats Solo Pro headphones.Cameron Summerson

You can’t go wrong with the Beats Solo Pro, a pair of wireless headphones that combines the ANC and transparency features of Apple’s AirPods Pro with the sound and comfort of over-ear headphones. we gave the Beats Solo Pro an 8/10 at their total price of $ 300, but today you can buy them for just $ 150 at Best Buy.

Beats are known for their rich bass sound, but the Solo Pro adopts a more balanced sound profile for amateurs and professionals alike. If you didn’t know, Apple bought Beats in 2014, which is why the Solo Pro earphones have ANC and transparency features comparable to AirPods Pro or the $ 500. AirPods Max.

The only downside to the Solo Pro headphones is that they can feel a bit strained if you have a large head. They also charge via a Lightning cable, which (although inconvenient) means you can use the Solo Pros as wired headphones with a Lightning at 3.5mm adapter. But at $ 150, it’s easy to ignore these little flaws, especially if you’re a fan of noise cancellation.

Source: Best buy via Engadget

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