See Grogu from 'The Mandalorian' in 3D and AR in Google Search Now

Suzanne Humphries

In the past two weeks, Google released 50 new AR creatures to search for both iOS and Android. Now Grogu (aka Baby Yoda, aka The Child) from the Disney + The Mandalorian series is the latest addition to the list of animals and 3D objects.

You can view 3D Grogu simply by searching for “Grogu”, “Baby Yoda” or “The Child” in Google search on your tablet or smartphone. When you search for any of these terms, a knowledge panel appears, displaying the character next to a Wikipedia description. You can tap the character to move him around and hear him make some cute noises, which are looped and do not respond to you when tapping him. You can watch him blink, tilt his head, and wiggle his ears.

3D model of Google in mobile Google searchSuzanne Humphries

There is also a fun “See Child in Your Space” card that you can click after clicking the “View in 3D” button. This allows you to see Grogu while he is “standing” on your floor, your desk, or wherever you like. Of course, his small stature in AR matches his height in The Mandalorian.

This is not Google’s first collaboration with the Star Wars universe. In fact, he recently published The Mandalorian AR experience as part of a partnership with Lucasfilm and Disney to deliver an augmented reality experience optimized for 5G devices.

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