Stadia Arrives on the iPhone and iPad Through the Browser

A photo of Cyberpunk 2077 on iPhone and iPadApple

Apple may have banned streaming games from its App Store, but Stadia still managed to find its way to the iPhone and iPad through the browser. Players using iOS 14.3 or later can access their Stadia library and play games like Cyberpunk 2077 through Safari, Chrome, or any other browser. You can also add a Stadia PWA to your home screen and pretend it’s a standalone app.

While a native Stadia app is preferable to a browser-based solution, Google doesn’t have much to say here. Apple does not allow game streaming services on its app store, forcing services like Stadia, Game Pass, Luna, and GeForce NOW to work through Safari and Chrome browsers instead.

Fortunately, Stadia works well through a mobile browser. There are some weird Apple UI artifacts in full screen mode (the status bar likes to hang around), but that’s pretty much the only problem with Stadia on iOS. The wireless controllers work as they should and the touch controls are a crush.

A GIF showing how to use Stadia on iOSGoogle

For the best experience with Stadia on iOS, Google suggests adding Stadia PWA to your device’s home screen. The PWA acts like a real app and doesn’t have some of the annoying UI elements of your mobile browser. To add Stadia PWA to your Home screen, visit the Stadia website in Safari (not Chrome), tap the Share button, and select Add to Home Screen.

If Stadia isn’t working on your iPhone or iPad, try updating to the latest version of iOS (14.3). You can also whitelist the Stadia website if you use ad blocker apps. Still having trouble getting Stadia to work on iOS? Check Stadia Help Blog for further help.

Source: Google via 9to5Mac

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