The Best Ergonomic Mice to Save You From a Wrist Brace

A photo of a person using the Logitech MX vertical mouse.Logitech

Repeated use of a mouse and keyboard can tire your wrists and lead to a carpal tunnel. But you are not yet condemned to wear a wrist splint. You still have time to switch to an ergonomic mouse, which minimizes wrist movement and helps prevent injuries over time.

Before buying an ergonomic mouse

Ergonomic mice come in different shapes and sizes, but they’re all designed to keep your wrist from twisting in unpleasant directions when you’re working on the computer. Most ergonomic mice do this by forcing your hand to sit in a position at your forearm and elbow.

Still, some ergonomic mice may be a bit unconventional for your tastes. We will be looking at a wide variety of ergonomic mouse models in this article, but we should take a second to go over the different shapes, features, and peculiarities of the mouse to make shopping a little easier.

Mouse style: The ergonomic mice in this article are available in three styles. Here is a brief overview.
Vertical: Vertical mice put your hand in a lateral handshake position. They are relatively easy to use and offer an unequaled level of ergonomics.
Traditional: Some traditional mice have a bulky design that keeps your wrist straight without compromising usability. They are not as efficient as vertical or trackball mice, but they are more ergonomic than a conventional mouse.
Trackball: Trackballs are not as popular as they used to be, but their bulky shape and stationery design are great for reducing wrist fatigue. These mice have a bit of a learning curve, but they are more effective at reducing wrist fatigue than traditional mice.

Additional buttons: Modern mice have additional buttons to open menus and move back and forth in a browser tab. If you’re the kind of person who relies heavily on additional mouse buttons, then keep an eye out for similar functionality in ergonomic mice.
Rechargeable VS batteries: Some mice, like the Logitech MX Vertical, have rechargeable batteries that last about two weeks. Mice that use AA batteries, on the other hand, can last for months before needing a battery change. It is a matter of personal preference, of course.
Logitech Flow: The Logitech mice in this article work with Logitech Flow, software that makes two separate computers act as a configuration with multiple monitors. You can move your mouse across both computers without a hitch, and even transfer files or copy and paste items from one computer to another. It is also compatible with most modern Logitech keyboards if you decide to buy both.

Now that you have an idea of ​​what you are looking at, let’s dive into it. Here are the best ergonomic mice, in all styles and prices.

Best overall: Logitech MX Vertical

A photo of the Logitech MX Vertical mouse.Logitech

Logitech MX Vertical Mouse offers an amazing blend of ergonomics, style and friendliness. Its intuitive design is easy to get used to, and its accessible front / rear buttons and slider speed switch let you quickly browse the web without a hitch. Like other Logitech mice, the MX Vertical can connect to three computers at the same time and quickly switch between computers with the push of a button (or automatically with Logitech Flow enabled).

Like most premium mice, the MX Vertical operates on a rechargeable battery that lasts about two weeks. It pairs with your computer via Bluetooth or a wireless dongle, but it can function as a wired mouse when connected to a computer via a USB-C cable.

Best overall

Another Favorite: Microsoft Sculpt Mouse

A photo of the Microsoft Sculpt mouse.Microsoft

We are big fans of the Microsoft Sculpt Mouse, which features a strangely comfortable blob-like design. It’s a fantastic ergonomic mouse for people who want the ergonomics of a vertical mouse without, you know, using a vertical mouse.

The sculpture has a Windows button mounted in its thumb rest, which quickly opens the Windows Start menu. It also has a hidden backspace button near the end of its thumb rest, but it doesn’t have a page forward button. The sculpt connects to your computer via a wireless dongle and operates on two AA batteries.

Microsoft sells Sculpt as standalone mouse and as ergonomic keyboard + mouse combo.

Another favorite

Best Economical Option: iClever Vertical Mouse

A photo of the iClever vertical mouse

Want to replace your mouse without breaking the bank? the IClever vertical mouse offers ergonomics and features comparable to those of the Logitech MX Vertical for less than $ 20. Like the MX Vertical, the iClever has forward / backward buttons and a slider speed switch for easy and intuitive navigation. It connects to your computer via a wireless dongle and runs on AA batteries.

Unlike the MX Vertical mouse, the iClever cannot connect to multiple devices at the same time.

Best budget

Best Trackball Mouse: Kensington Orbit

A photo of Kensington's orbit.Kensington

Ergonomics experts suggest using a finger-controlled trackball mouse to achieve the highest level of ergonomics and precision. The Kensington Orbit is, for the price, one of the best finger-controlled trackball mice you can buy. It is large enough to force your hand into an ergonomic position and has two comfortable (and customizable) buttons to navigate on your computer. You can even customize the speed of the cursor on this trackball or attach the included wrist rest for more comfort.

The Kensington Orbit connects to your computer via a USB cable and remains stationary during use. If you prefer to use a thumb-controlled trackball mouse with a more traditional feel, Logitech MX Ergo represents an amazing (and expensive) alternative to Kensington’s orbit.

Best Trackball Mouse

For fans of traditional mice: Logitech MX Master 3

A photo of the Logitech MX Master 3Logitech

the Logitech MX Master 3 is Review Geek’s favorite mouse. Everything about this mouse is customizable, from its front / rear buttons to its thumb-operated thumb wheel. And while it doesn’t offer the superior ergonomics of a vertical or trackball mouse, it presents itself as a wonderful intermediate option for people who want to use a traditional mouse without putting too much pressure on their wrist.

Unlike other traditional style mice, the MX Master 3 is quite large and forces your hand into an ergonomic but comfortable position. It also has a very large thumb rest to encourage balance and precision, which you will rarely find in traditional mice.

Like the other Logitech mice mentioned in this article, the MX Master 3 can connect to three devices at the same time and supports Logitech Flow. It works on a rechargeable battery and can work via Bluetooth, a wireless dongle or a USB-C cable. Logitech sells MX Master 3 as standalone mouse and one keyboard + mouse together.

If you are looking for a traditional style mouse at a more affordable price, then the Microsoft ergonomic mouse represents a decent alternative to MX Master 3.

For fans of traditional mice

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