The Cheapest Ways to Get Started with 4K Streaming

If you buy a new 4K TV this year you will naturally want to watch beautiful 4K content on it. The best possible image quality may be on Blu-ray Discs but discs and drives are expensive. If you want 4K content for cheap and right now, streaming is fast and cheap. Here's how to start without spending a ton.

Turn on the apps on your Smart TV

We may not care much about smart TV software but it is the cheapest option to broadcast anything since it comes with your TV. Most TVs have at least one YouTube or Netflix app, and any TV capable of displaying 4K content probably has a version of these apps that supports 4K streaming.

YouTube in particular has a number of 4K and HDR friendly channels that you can use to try your screen. HDR offers a collection of high quality video clips ranging from nature documentaries to video games to fashion shows. The 4K relaxation channel offers peaceful nature videos that you can put in the background. Finally, The Slow Mo Guys released tons of awesome videos showing idiotic idle things like jumping on a trampoline covered with mouse traps or slicing bottles of Water with a katana . These will look amazing on your new TV.

If you want to watch 4K movies, most smart TVs come with a video rental app. For example, recent Sony TVs are equipped with the Ultra 4K application that you can use to rent or buy 4K Movies to stream. This is a last resort since these purchases and rentals are close to Blu-ray prices (and streaming is never as good as a disc), but if you do not want to buy a Blu-ray player -ray, you can be cheaper in the short term.

Discover the 4K library of Netflix and Amazon

YouTube 4K content is just as free (or ad-supported) as any other content, but if you want to watch the highest quality video on Netflix, you'll need to update your plan. Fortunately, it is extremely cheap. The normal Netflix HD package costs $ 10.99 / month and allows you to stream to two screens at once. The 4K package costs $ 11.99 / month – a dollar more! – and allows you to stream up to four screens at the same time. Not a bad upgrade for the cost of a gum package. Most of the original Netflix shows made in recent years support 4K and HDR content, so in terms of bang for your literal money, it's one of the best updates you can do .

Amazon also offers a selection of 4K HDR content, but not quite as much as Netflix. On the other hand, Amazon does not charge any extra for 4K, so if you already have Amazon Prime, you can start watching shows like The Grand Tour and The Man in the High Castle ] or films like Manchester by the Sea or Specter in 4K right away.

If all else fails, get a Roku

Up to now, we are banking on your TV for the support and applications needed to stream 4K content. While one can expect that a 4K TV will be able to broadcast 4K content alone, some businesses may skip this step (or do it very badly) to save money. ;money. If you can not find enough content with the apps available on your TV, get a Roku.

To be clear, a Roku is not necessarily the best streaming device for everyone on Roku Streaming Stick + ($ 70) and the most powerful Roku Ultra ($ 100) are among the cheapest ways to add a rugged 4K broadcast to any TV. The Roku platform has a bunch of 4K compatible applications . Since Roku is not involved in the same kind of anti-consumer quarrels as Amazon and Google are you can get 4K content from almost any matter. which source .

Roku includes applications for pillars like Netflix YouTube and Amazon Video as well as a number of other 4K compatible channels . Vudu allows you to buy or rent movies in 4K, just like Roku's 4K Ultra HD Spotlight application . You can even use Plex to stream your own 4K content from a self-hosted server if you have one.

Unfortunately, 4K content is not as cheap as HD movies and TV shows, but the market is growing rapidly. You can access a bunch of 4K TV shows and movies with Netflix for an extra dollar, free YouTube videos, or rent 4K movies from Vudu for only a few dollars per pop. It's a lot cheaper than buying a new Blu-ray player and discs of $ 20-30, although the broadcast quality is not as good.

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