The LEGO Botanical Collection Puts Beautiful Plants in Your Home You Can't Kill

A set of flowers and a bonsai tree in the form of LEGO

You can turn to LEGO for cars, art, and replica play systems, but what about something closer to nature? The new LEGO Botanical Collection is just the answer to that question. It starts with two sets, the Bonsai and bouquet of flowers according to previous rumors. Both will retail for $ 50 when they release on January 1, and thankfully they don’t require water or dirt. Just add love… and LEGO bricks.

A LEGO bonsai next to a real bonsai.

we covered new sets previously, but now they’re official and we know more about them. Bonsai includes stand, tree tray, pieces of “earth” and green and pink foliage. LEGO is renowned for reusing bricks in new and interesting ways, and it’s no different here. The tree trunk is made from pieces used for members of the Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse buildable character set. The company took the black arms and recolored them in brown. And look closely at the leaves of pink cherry blossoms and you will spot pink frogs.

The Bonsai set includes 878 pieces in total, and the slatted wood rack even uses pieces of tires to keep it from slipping. You can buy it for $ 50, starting January 1, 2021.

A person building a bouquet of LEGO flowers

the Bouquet of flowers The set includes everything you need to build three roses, two snapdragons, a sprig of lavender, an aster, two common daisies and a California poppy. You can mix and match as you like, and the stem lengths are adjustable so you can fit your vase. However, you will need to provide the vase.

Like Bonsai, LEGO has reused parts in new and interesting ways. Pterodactyl wings and car hoods become flower petals, etc. The size of the flowers depends on how you set them up, but the snapdragon is 14 inches tall when attached to the longest stem. Like bonsai, the bouquet of flowers will cost $ 50, and you can buy it January 1, 2021.

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