The Twitch Hive-Mind Barrel Rolled a 747 in 'Flight Simulator' without Crashing

A 747 aircraft in Microsoft 'Flight Simulator'

Leaving a chat on Twitch-Stream has become a popular fair since Twitch plays Pokemon took the world by storm. In the latest iteration, Rami Ismail set up a Twitch Stream for the all-new Flight simulator and let its viewers take control. Surprisingly, they didn’t immediately crush the place. Miraculously, they also landed a barrel roll.

If you are not familiar, Flight simulator is the latest version of the games set with the same name. You fly planes in a fairly precise simulation. What makes this one so special is a giant bump in the graphics and maps provided by Bing. You can fly near the Disney Cinderella’s castle or the Taj Mahal and get a pretty detailed view.

But what if you let a group of people take the wheel (so to speak) at the same time? This is the idea behind Twitch Plays. Anyone in the flow can send chat commands to control the aircraft, and a script will execute those commands.

Rami Ismail and a few other Twitter users documented the process and there were some incredible highs and lows (pun intended). For starters, the chat room immediately debated whether the plan was simply to crash the plane. Because people will be people.

But as Ismail explains, all cats died when the plane broke through the clouds and the incredible views that the game creates appear. But it wasn’t before someone continuously tried to kill the engine during take off.

But maybe the highlight was when the Twitch Hive Spirit landed a barrel roll in the 747. Check it out:

So very close to a crash, but they did it. Of course, Flight simulator can be a pretty accurate simulation, but you definitely shouldn’t try this in real life.

via Engadget

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