This Map Lets You Hear How Forests Sound All Around the World

Aerial view of hot summer forest
Marcel Poncu /

As part of the next Wood festival in the UK, a sound card has been created that allows you to listen to various forest records worldwide. The sound map project is simple and fascinating, and you would be surprised at how different each forest is (and its weather and birdsong and so on) sounds.

Projects website states “We collect the sounds of woods and forests from around the world, creating a growing sound map bringing together tonal tones and textures of the world’s forests.” All collected sounds are part of an open source Creative Commons Share Alike library that anyone can listen to or use. In fact, part of the Wood Festival will include artists of all kinds responding to the sounds of their own work, be it paintings, music or whatever.

Each entry on the map displays the name of the area as well as the city and country where it is located. You will also be able to see other information, such as the exact coordinates of the location of the area, the name of the person who captured the recording, the date of the recording, and a brief description of what the area looks like. ‘recording (“A windy day in the birch forest”, for example). In most cases, there is also a nice picture of the forest that you can look at while you listen.

If you live near a forest, you can also add your own recording to the project library. You will need to collect a photo with audio and fill out a short form.

So take a moment to explore the map. There are cuckoo calls on a summer evening at Heinola, Finland. Or maybe you prefer the sounds of the Rio Azul with a few bird calls El Bolson, Argentina. Or maybe a rain forest Fukuoka, Japan. No matter what floats your boat, there is a world full of forests for you to enjoy.

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