Watch Package Thieves Get Sparkly Justice With Glitter Bomb 3.0

Mark Rober opens a glitter bomb and sprays glitter all over the placeMark Rober / YouTube

Porch Pirates, the people who steal packages right outside your porch, are a growing problem. Video doorbells can help, but they don’t always make a difference. But what if you were a former NASA engineer with lots of free time? Let’s watch Mark Rober deliver sweet revenge to some thieves.

Mark Rober is a YouTube personality who made a name for himself creating crazy devices like the the biggest Super Soaker in the world, a bullseye automatic mobile dartboard, and one Obstacle course ninja warrior squirrel. But he really took off after his Porch Thieves’ First Glitter Bomb.

You see, despite having a video doorbell, someone brazenly stole a package from their porch. Even with the video, the police couldn’t help. What is a former NASA engineer who has too much time to do? Build a glitter bomb for revenge, of course.

If you haven’t seen any, check out the first two videos before catching up the last. Each version has improved over the last, but they all contain some of the same essentials. The package looks like a high-end gadget similar to a Bose headset or an Apple HomePod. But open it up and you’ll come across a device that drags you into tons of glitter, sprays fart smells all over the place, and starts making a lot of noise.

Even better. it contains four phones recording all angles of the action, which also helps in the recovery of the device via GPS. This year’s version smells worse than ever, hides phones better, makes it harder to put the cover back on, and even allows Rober to download new audio clips in real time. And Rober even created a doormat that loads the glitter bomb.

Suffice it to say, it’s hilarious to see thieves get mad at someone doing such a thing to them. Someone who stole a package basically asking “how dare someone treat me like this?”

And it’s not a disaster either. Each year, Rober puts lots of contact information on the package, and anyone who returns the package or tries to make sure it isn’t stolen receives a reward – somewhat restoring faith in humanity.

Don’t miss this year’s video. The epic slow motion glitter cyclone is worth your time alone. Everything else is just the icing on the stolen cake.

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