You Can Now Sync Your Steam Games With NVIDIA GeForce Now on Chromebooks

A screenshot of the NVIDIA GeForce Now homepage.

Chromebooks are a perfect candidate for the game streaming revolution. They’re slim, they have a long battery life, and they’re more reliable than cheap Windows laptops. And now a month later NVIDIA Launches GeForce Now Web Player, Chromebook users can finally sync their Steam library with GeForce Now without going through a Windows or Mac machine.

Unlike Google Stadia, a games marketplace that comes with a subscription service, GeForce Now is free and lets you stream games that are already in your Steam, Epic Games, Uplay, or GOG library. But not all games are compatible with the GeForce service, and users need to find and manually activate games to start playing them on GeForce Now. Game Sync, the new feature in Chromebooks, automatically syncs your game library, so you don’t have to search for titles one by one.

To sync your Steam library with GeForce Now, visit on your Chromebook and open your settings. You should see an option called “Game Sync”. Use it to log into your Steam account and link your library to GeForce Now.

GeForce Now will remember your Steam library, although it cannot see when you buy a new game on Steam. If you buy Destiny 2 on Steam, for example, you have to go through the Game Sync process again to unlock it on GeForce Now.

Source: NVIDIA via 9to5Google

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